Saturday, March 9, 2013

Burn Your Bra's, But Put Some Lipstick On!

It's been more then a year since I've posted a new entry, so wow I'd say I'm way overdue - even for what I like to call a "casual blogger".  This past year saw the beginning of a new chapter in my mother's life.  She told us kids that she would be listing her house (our childhood home) on the market in the springtime.  Only it didn't quite go that way.  When my mother gets what she calls a "bee in her bonnet" all bets are off.  

She was more then ready to leave behind the dusting, sweeping and managing of a three story house for a smaller and simpler space.  Who can blame her, the thought is daunting to me.  I'm way too lazy of a housekeeper for a three-story!  

I'd like to say that I chronicled that journey in pictures, but it just didn't go that way.  We were too busy going berserk!  You see, the dear-heart listed her home almost immediately after making her announcement to sell.  And to top it off...she had a buyer the first week!  What!  

I loved everything about that house.  We had tall ceilings, hardwood floors, carved woodwork, stained glass windows and a mantel in almost every room.  Having a mantel in your bedroom is magical for a kid who's in love with design and antiques.  I changed out the decor on that mantel at least once a month.  Usually after I schlepped home my latest finds from the thrift store up the street.   

I promise to post pics of mom in her new place, just as soon as it's finished, and she puts her lipstick on.  Which reminds me...

I got kind of a mixed message growing up, I think it's because my mom was a child of the 50s.  She was all for women's liberation; she always had a subscription to Ms. Magazine and taught us kids to strive for independence and individuality.  However, she also had this question she would ask us as we were walking out the door to go on a date or to an event....."don't you want to put some lipstick on?"  Excuse me???   No I don't want to put any lipstick on, I'm a liberated woman!

Burn your bras, but put some lipstick on!  My mom is one of a kind, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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