Monday, September 5, 2011

Driftwood Under the Hood

My first blog. My first post on my first blog. No pressure. Oh, maybe I'm supposed to say Hi to everyone first. Nah,that's cheesy. I don't do cheesy. Hmm, feels slightly intimidating. I feel nervous.  Nah. YES! No. It's no big deal. It's therapeutic, and people tell you you're funny. People have always told you that you're funny. Funny is good for blogging. Heck,funny is good all the time. Well,not according to Mom, she says "there's a time and a place...bah, blah, blah". But according to ME we need more funny in the world.  Funny is what got me through.  Funny got me through it ALL.  So, be yourself; be your silly, funny, sometimes inappropriate self, and make someone laugh. It's what you do best. So be your best.  

OK people, I'm glad that's over with.  Now I can be myself.  Now it's on, like Donkey Kong.


I was not going to do a Blog! Too time consuming, or so I thought. I started checking out other people's blogs and they typically posted once a week.  I could handle that. And as far as time goes, I have lots of extra time now. My kids have gone off to college. It's just my hubby and I and our animals. Oh yeah, and one gazillion things that I've collected from the woods, beaches, stream beds, thrift stores, flea markets and antique stores; and dragged with me from place to place since I was about 12 years old. And come to think of it, Grandma also supplied me with quite the stash of natural materials from her own jaunts.  So that kicks my total up to a gazillion and a half. 

Grandma didn't mess around. She had quite a cache in her basement. My Grandpa was not her biggest fan when it came to that "stuff". She would make him strap huge pieces of driftwood to the luggage rack on the way home from vacations. My Mom told me that one time Grandma even made him stick a piece under the hood, because not only would it serve as a good place to put it for the ride home, but it would dry faster there! I can just picture my Grandpa rolling his eyes and sighing. Grandma was the bomb!  

So there you have it. That was the beginning of my way of life.  Picking my way through forests, beaches, streams, thrift stores and your garbage pile, and turning it into something unique, if only in my own eyes. 

Some of Grandma's Creations (age of 80 +)

Some nice finds from this week...


  1. Thank you for posting on my blog. I enjoyed reading about you and I hope to get to know you better. Supporting each other on this road of peeling, chipping, rusty, cracked once loved and used stuff is a good thing.
    Peace and blessings,
    Zenful Goods

  2. And I you! Were you talking about us or the stuff we sell! LMAO! I love it! Thanks for being my first follower - yippee! =)

  3. So far so good!
    Such interesting little creatures...

  4. It's great! What cute little guys your grandmother made :)


  5. So glad that you found my blog! Hope that you enjoy my paintings!

    I love grandma's imaginative creations!