Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jive Turkeys

I went outside today to check on my potted plants and I spied a bunch of turkeys in the lower yard.  I saw this gang of turkeys in the upper yard the other day too, but they ran away before I could get my camera adjusted. Today, because I was in the middle of listing items in my Etsy shop, I had camera in hand. I tried as fast as I could to zoom and snap before they ran off. 

I managed to get a few shots (not that kind of shot, sheesh) as they booked out of sight.

I kicked off my flip flops and snuck up on them around the corner. 

Off they ran again!  I snapped away and stayed on their heels to the edge of the woods! Snap, snap, snap. I got you, turkeys!  Success!  

After all that excitement I decided to take a nice little walk around the meadow to see what I could see.  Enjoy...

Thanks Turkeys!

The turkeys must have notified the Squirrel that I was coming.
He made his eyes light up and glared at me.  How rude... honestly!

Busy Bees

My finds for the week...

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  1. I like the topmost picture of the turkeys, hardly recognized the yard.