Sunday, October 16, 2011

30 Day Creativity Challenge: Day 2

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Today was a busy day for me, but I did manage to whip something up.  What worries me is if today was a challenge, what will the work week bring.  After working at my day job for eight hours I'm usually mentally drained and just want to veg out - so it should be interesting to see what happens.  But, here's a thought...maybe it will energize me to sit down and mess around with my supplies and try to come up with something unique


Today I made a bookmark.  I know what you're thinking..."big deal, anyone can make a bookmark", but that's not true.  My sister and I used to volunteer - teaching a class at a local women's half-way house and it was called "Art Education".  We had a teeny tiny budget, practically nothing, so we had to get very creative with our supplies.  One day I taught the women to make a pin out of cardboard, magazine pictures and glue. You would have thought I'd handed them the moon.  That's the way it usually was working with these women. Some of them had nothing; and knew nothing about nurturing themselves through creativity. They were incredibly grateful, but they didn't have to tell us that, we could see it in their eyes.  Next to raising my kids, it was hands down the most fulfilling time in my life!

Written and Illustrated by Holling Clancy Holling

I picked a childrens book for my illustration. I pick these up at thrift stores because I love their colorful, quirky, uplifting illustrations.  And who in the world was it that decided that adults don't need their books illustrated too!  Maybe we'd all be happier if we had colorful and quirky pictures to look at as we read our books!  I'm just sayin' 

Holling Clancy Holling

So I picked out my illustration and cut it out with my xacto knife (my favorite tool).  Then I cut out my backing from the back cover of an old sketch book, and glued them to each other. NOTE TO SELF: don't trim the bookmark after it's been glued to the backing.  Some excess glue clogged my cut, which shredded the illustration along one side. =(  The back of the bookmark looked very bare, so I stamped a design onto it, but I don't like it so I'm not showing it to you =(

I punched out a hole and added a piece of brown ric rac trim.  I think it's beautiful!  Thank you  Holling Clancy Holling!


And I did promise to show you the completed Button Card.  I chose fine wire for attachment.

Have a great Monday, see you tomorrow night!

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