Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30 Day Creativity Challenge: Day 6

Last week I was in the painting mood, but didn't have any new canvases. I did however have some old canvases of horrific paintings I'd done over the years.  The kind that you do when you're going through something and you just paint to "get it out".  I decided to paint over one of them.  As you'll see, I'm no artist.  I simply paint because it makes my heart sing.  I feel content, joyful and free

Stormy Window

In the background you can see some of the orange paint from the original painting, which I like.  I love textures, patterns, mixing things up

Apparently I also paint with my tongue hanging out of my mouth!  My husband poked his nose into the room and said "whats with the tongue?"  At first I was mortified, but then I thought..."well that's just more proof that you're doing something that you love".  Have you ever watched kids when they're REALLY into something?!  

And one final note.  I'm pained to announce (and it was painful to realize) that I can't produce something creative everyday.  It sucks, it really, really does, but that's my reality right now.  I don't like it, I really hate it, but life is just not cooperating with me.  So....my altered guideline for myself for this challenge is that I WILL do 30 days of creativity, they just won't be consecutive

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